Practicing taking flat lay images.

Practicing taking flat lay images.


I've recently began saving to upgrade my camera (I currently shoot with a Canon T3i). Now that I'm trying to shoot more often to turn this hobby into a career/business, I figured I should begin investing in my craft.

Lately, I've been obsessing over the Facebook group build + bloom by jessica whitaker. It's a group created by Youtuber and Photographer Jessica Whitaker for those who are interested in taking photos to not only share their work but to give tips and critiques to help eachother grow. It's filled with some pretty amazing talents. I've learned quite a bit from this group; if you're into photography I definitely recommend joining!

While I save, I'm dedicating this time to really study and practice shooting. I'm constantly on Youtube and reading up on different techniques and styles.

Stay tuned because I will have my new camera by fall!