I've been planning on taking some self portraits for a while now. Every off day is usually filled with getting things done or just trying to relax from working the previous day. Because of that, I never got around to it. I've been letting my passions and dreams fall to the bottom of my to do list. Today wasn't going to be one of those days.


This morning, I got up and decided to go for coffee; it's pretty much my morning ritual. I placed my order at the drive thru and pulled around to pay- only to notice that I forgot my debit card at home. So I found an old gift card and crossed my fingers that there was still something on it. As I handed my card to the woman at the window, she tells me that the person in front of me paid for my order. I couldn't believe it! I was beyond grateful. It knew that in that moment that I couldn't let today go to waste because it was destined to be a great day!


As soon I got home, I took my camera out and began shooting. I'm pretty happy with the results. I was reminded of the invigorating feeling of creating. It woke up the passion and drive in me that had been gone lately. It reminded me of my goals. I'm excited to take more and to fill my days with building my craft. I'm ready to grow.

So cheers to the lady in the red Fiat at Starbucks! You helped my day be great!

*and look, I'm finally blogging after a year!